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Markus Foods' Wine Department has been voted "Best selection in Whitefish" for numerous years.

At Markus Foods, we strive to have the most interesting and diverse selection of wine from around the globe available anywhere in the Flathead Valley. We specialize in sourcing the "hard to find" allocated wines and on the other end of the spectrum, selecting little gems that won't break the bank and will compliment your festivities and everyday meals for quaffing.

What makes us different? A large selection of natural wines (meaning handpicked and using indigenous yeast that naturally occur in the vineyard, exemplifying true meaning of "terroir").

Champagne and Sparkling "our favorite category". Markus has the largest selection of "Farmer Fizz" Grower Champagnes available in the entire state of Montana. And get this, all of them are cheaper than their distant cousins, corporate champagne. Big Format available in the store.

Special orders are welcome.

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